Zech 11:1–3

Open your gates, Lebanon, so that the fire may consume your cedars.
Howl, fir tree, because the cedar has fallen; the majestic trees have been
destroyed.Howl, oaks of Bashan, because the impenetrable forest has fallen.
Listen to the howling of shepherds, because their magnificence has been
destroyed.Listen to the roaring of young lions, because the thickets of the
Jordan have been devastated.


One thought:

God’s poetry is a sword in the hands of a master.



Three questions:

What do you think the big trees could represent?

How have you felt about the different literature in Zechariah?

Consider those who are considered the greatest in history – where are they now?


Praise God that He is the King of Kings and that no power can stand against Him or His people.

Give thanks that you get to share in Christ’s victory over all principalities and powers.

Ask God to help you +someone else trust in Christ’s victory over death and evil.