Zech 11:14–17

Then I cut the second staff “Union” in two in order to annul the covenant
of brotherhood between Judah and Israel.
Again the Lord said to me, “Take up once more the equipment of a foolish shepherd.
Indeed, I am about to raise up a shepherd in the land who will not take
heed of the sheep headed to slaughter, will not seek the scattered, and
will not heal the injured. Moreover, he will not nourish the one that is
healthy, but instead will eat the meat of the fat sheep and tear off their hooves.
“Woe to the worthless shepherd who abandons the flock! May a sword fall on
his arm and his right eye! May his arm wither completely away and his right
eye become completely blind!”


One thought:

Bob Dylan said it well, we all serve somebody and there are only two options.



Three questions:

Who does this worthless shepherd remind you of?


How does this passage affect you emotionally?


Who could you pray for to not choose the worthless Shepherd over the good?



Praise God that He has revealed to us the truth about reality and the choice between good and evil.

Give thanks that your eyes have been opened to the truth and the foolishness of life outside of God’s flock.

Ask God to help you convince others of God’s goodness.