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Salt Church Turns 10! image

Salt Church Turned 10! At our recent GROW/AGM we celebrated Salt turning 10! Salt was 10 years old to the day. We sang, we ate, we gave thanks and asked God to bring the flood of disciples we so keenly want to see in our city of Wollongong! The backstory… On 11th March 2012 a small group of people met at Wollongong Town Hall to begin making disciples! Most of this initial group are still at Salt, still keen to see more disciples in the city of Wollongong! Praise God for their vision and energy and for his faithfulness in the making of many disciples, in different locations and through the highs and lows of a journey demonstrating God’s immense ...

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New Sermon Series: Mathew 9-17 image

Starting Sunday 6th February 2022, Salt Church will continue working our way through Matthew chapters 9-17! Last year we started in the book of Matthew, where we are shown Jesus Christ: the greatest human who ever lived, with radically good teaching, who brings us the most astonishing salvation and an utterly new life. The purpose of the book is to convince Jews that Jesus is their promised Messiah who brings salvation, and to convince Gentiles that they can share in this salvation. Then it is for these new people of God (the Church) to know from Jesus’ teaching what it looks like to be Jesus’ disciple-making-disciples, and to be comforted by Jesus’ promises that He is with us, in spite of the ...

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Small Groups – 2022 Sign Up Opens Soon! image

We have Small Groups for members at Salt Church, so we can help each other know God better and learn to love each other like God loves us. Sign-up for Small Groups will open this Sunday the 23rd at 8am and closed Sunday 30th Jan. But if you want a sneak peek of when and where all our Small Groups will be this year, check it out here! If I’m new to Salt Church, can I join a Small Group? Small Groups are a great part of life at Salt Church, so we’d definitely love to get you in one. But we’ve found that the most helpful first step for you if you’re a Christian and you’ve recently started coming to ...

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Working Bee! image

After the busy & joy-filled Christmas period, our building definitely needs another full clean and tidy! We’d love to see you at our Working Bee on Saturday 22nd January – drop in anytime from 9-12 pm and there will be something for you to do. To keep us Covid safe, we will have some measures in place at this Working Bee event. Please remember to wear a mask, sanitise on entry and wash your hard working hands often. We will also need you to sign in via the Service NSW QR code on entry, and physically distance where possible. If you’re keen to come along or have any questions, please contact   See you soon!     Salt Church is registered ...

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Summer Series: Unexpected Truths image

Starting the 2nd January 2022, Salt Church will be in our Summer Series! Many of us have read some or all of the Bible, and so there’s many things about God we assume we know. God is full of surprises though! So across January at Salt Church, we’ll look at four unexpected truths, four surprising things God wants you to know. Jan 2nd: If there even is a God out there, surely we can’t know that God and what God’s like. God has an unexpected truth for you: God is there, and you can know him   Jan 9th: Sadly Christians sometimes cause more hurt than help, and so Christianity is often accused of being harmful. God has an unexpected truth ...

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Christmas at Salt! image

Celebrate the birth of our King at Salt Church this Christmas Christmas Gatherings: Christmas Eve Friday 24th December @ 5 pm (with Kids program) Christmas day Saturday 25th December @ 9 am (shorter, kid-friendly gathering) Boxing Day Combined Service Sunday 26th December @ 5 pm (combined Sunday gathering) Where: All events will be held at 275 Keira St, in the main hall Please note, all our Gatherings and events are open to everyone – vaccinated & unvaccinated. They’ll also be streamed online. See you soon!   These events have been planned with Covid safety in mind, as well as following our current COVID-19 Safety Plan. This ensures we follow Public Health Orders, reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 and contribute to ...

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Salt is Covid safe! image

We're Covid Safe

Salt Church is registered as a Covid-safe organisation. We have been registered with the NSW Government and here is a link to our Covid-19 Safety plan. Here are the things we’ve put in place to ensure our building remains a safe place: Things to do: ✔️Sanitise your hands as you enter the building (greeters will have sanitiser) and frequently wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds. ✔️Use the Service NSW app and QR Code to check-in as you enter the building, or provide your name and phone number at the door if you don’t have access to the app. ✔️Maintain appropriate physical distancing ✔️Bring your own Bible Things not to do: ❌ Do not enter 275 if ...

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Christmas Events – Celebrate! image


We love to celebrate the birth of our King at Christmas and we’re excited about our upcoming Christmas Gatherings – including Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. You can find out more here. Salt Church also celebrated the Christmas season with a number of fun-filled community events including a dinner and Gingerbread events! It was a great time to chat and relax, enjoyed by adults and kids and many new to Salt. Check out some photos from the events below!

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New Sermon Series: Christmas Carols image

Starting the 12th December 2021, Salt Church will be focusing on Christmas Carols: More than background noise! One feature of the Christmas period is Christmas Carols. We all have our favourite Carol. Whether you love or hate them you definitely can’t ignore them, as they’re blasted out on repeat in all the shops. Usually though, Christmas Carols are part of the background noise of Christmas – drowned out by the parties and presents, food, friends and fun. This Christmas we’re bringing them front and centre to see what they’re about: what did the writers of these songs see about Jesus and the first Christmas that led them to write these famous Carols? We’d love you to join us this Christmas, ...

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Grow – November 19th image

Salt Church is like a rescue boat and Grow is a chance to hear where we’re rowing together. At this Grow we’ll look ahead to our plans for next year; like employing someone to oversee Next Gen, our plans to be on mission in 2022, and a building campaign set for Oct. It’s always a good night, and an important time for our church. Details: Friday night 19th November – 7.30 pm at 275 Keira St, Wollongong Plan to come in person, or tune in via livestream if you’re not ready to gather face to face yet!

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