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With restrictions lifting in NSW, we are able to meet together again as God’s people! Things are changing daily but at this stage our hope and plan is to return as follows: Sunday 31st October 2021, 5 pm is returning physically to 275 We’re planning for 10am to return on Sunday 14th November (including kids program) If you’re keen to come along, please remember to wear a mask, sanitise and sign in on entry, and physically distance. All church events and Sunday gatherings will be open to both vaccinated and unvaccinated people, and we’ll still be livestreaming if you’re not comfortable to return yet.  See you soon! Here’s a helpful message with what you can expect coming to 275:   Salt Church ...

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New Sermon Series: Romans 12 image

Starting the 10th October 2021, Salt Church will be focusing on Romans 12: Living In View of God’s Mercy! How should we live in response to God’s enormous mercy to us in Jesus? To be a disciple of Jesus is to live a radically different life in response to God’s extraordinary kindness to us. But what does that life look like? How should I live to please God more with my life? How should we live as disciples at Salt Church?  Romans 12 is packed with how to live in response to the gospel. It begins with ‘In view of God’s mercy… do this .. (verse 1). In this chapter there’s hardly a part of life God doesn’t address for us ...

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September 22nd 2021: Stay tuned and pray for Salt Church leadership as we make some important decisions to return back to physical gatherings over the next few weeks. The government has already outlined what will be possible for our community when 70% of NSW is double vaccinated. This is expected by early to mid October (click here for details and predicted timelines here). Churches will  be included in the same category as restaurants, cafes and theatres etc. i.e a max of 1 person per 4m2 indoors, vaccinated only, masks and no singing. The NSW government has yet to specify what will be possible when 80% of NSW is vaccinated. The hope and prayer (and keen lobbying of key religious community ...

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How Christians make complex decisions – Online Event image

We’re running a night to help you think about whether to be vaccinated, because it’s a decision we all have to make or have already made. But we’re doing something bigger than that too. With every decision we make we want to make a good choice. But we often need to make decisions where it’s complicated, there’s a lot of factors to weigh up, and it’s not clear what the “good choice” is. When: This event will be online and interactive! Tune in via our YouTube Live-stream on Friday 10th September at 7.30 pm What to expect: How do you make those kinds of complex decisions? That’s what we’re going to explore, with the vaccine as a case study. The ...

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Why I Believe – Online Event image

A night of finding out what Christians believe and why Why I Believe will be held via our Salt Church Livestream from 7.30 pm on Friday September 3rd. With our lead pastor Michael, we will be looking into “Is Christianity still relevant?”. Exploring together: Is it outdated, old fashioned, even harmful? Or, is it the best news we could ever hear, so good we can’t afford to ignore it? You can let us know that you are interested in tuning in via our Facebook Event here! Whether you’re totally new to Christianity, know a bit about it or have been in church for years, this night will be helpful to explore more of what Christians believe and why they believe it. We’d ...

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We’re church planting in the North! image

Our prayer is to see a flood of lifelong disciples across the Illawarra so we’ve been planning to plant a new church in the northern suburbs of the Illawarra! There are thousands who don’t know Jesus and we want to be part of reaching them.  In August, we’re excited to launch Village Church as an independent evangelical church with FIEC (Fellowship of Independent Evangelical) in Bulli under the leadership of one of our pastors, Tim Canosa.  Join our livestream on Sundays to hear more and give thanks for this new church, pray as they kick off online and get in touch if you know someone who should be part of it!  

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GROW – Online 20th August 2021! image

At Grow, Salt comes together to see where we are headed as a church and what our next steps are in making disciples across the Illawarra. If you call Salt home, come along and capture again God’s big picture and our part in it! When: Salt Church’s Grow will be online and interactive! Tune in via our YouTube Live-stream on Friday 20th August at 7 pm What to expect: There will be a Q&A and other opportunities to engage with your Salt family online! We’ll hear next steps for growth at Salt Church and how we grow during this season of lockdown. Tune in to hear from Michael where we are at with our 5 year plan, and the focuses ...

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New Sermon Series: Acts image

Starting the 18th July 2021, Salt Church will be focusing on Acts 1-8! The history recorded by Luke shows again and again the intense opposition and persecution God’s people face, yet how the message they preach continues to go out and cannot be stopped. They carry the news: ‘God has made this Jesus, whom you crucified, both Lord and Messiah’, and ‘Salvation is found in no-one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved’ (2:36, 4:12). That news rings out to the ends of the earth, and it is unstoppable. The big message of Acts is the gospel is unstoppable. God will save through the message of Jesus, the Church ...

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MTS Info Night 2021! image

At Salt Church, we’re passionate about making disciples of Jesus across the Illawarra and beyond! Ministry Training Strategy apprenticeships are about raising up the next generation of men and women to be gospel leaders and equipping them for a lifetime of sharing Jesus. When: Join us 7:30pm Friday 25th June @ 275 Keira Street Wollongong to find out more about an MTS apprenticeship and how you can be trained for ministry at Salt Church. Whether you’ve just started thinking about ministry or are ready to go for 2022 you should find this helpful. What to expect: The session will include a short presentation from Michael exploring different MTS options (full and part time), an opportunity to ask your questions and ...

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