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Missed it? To see a replay of the night click here or watch below! It was so good to gather at GROW last Friday night! We ate together, sung God’s praises, prayed, and heard from his word on the need to make more disciples wisely! It was terrific to delve into the results of our recent Reach Australia consult: Where are we NOW? Where do we want to get to (WHERE)? And HOW do we get there? If you missed the action make sure to catchup by watching the recording, including how we’re tracking in our vision to see a flood of lifelong disciples in the next 5 years. Let’s continue to pray for a flood of lifelong disciples in 2022 ...

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Our prayer at Salt is to see a flood of disciples in Wollongong, including hundreds of kids and youth in the years ahead!  Can you help realise our vision for a flood of disciples in the year ahead? We need a further 41K to reach our 50K target to put us in a great position to keep building on this vital work in the future.  Together we can do this… every amount counts and if: 1 person gave 10K 3 people gave 5K 5 people gave 2K 12 people gave $500… we’d get there! Gifts should be labelled ‘Next Gen’ through our Salt Account. Current total given June 29 2022 Why are we raising 50K for Next Gen? At our ...

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Grow is a night for us to come together as members of Salt Church, to be reminded of what we are on about, have a good time together and hear what’s next! If Salt Church is your home, come along to hear the vision, understand our next steps and your part in them. We will eat some dinner together ($5pp) at 7 pm, then we will look into our Next Gen ministry, how we’re making disciples, an update on finding a new home for Salt and more!  To help us plan for food, let us know that you are coming on the Facebook event page. Also, at this GROW we’ll be voting in our new Review Panel members as part ...

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Our Salt Stay weekend was a blast this year! We dug deep in Ephesians exploring God’s eternal plans for us in Christ, ate some delicious food together and enjoyed great fun Saturday afternoon including a hilarious trivia night on Saturday night! Praise God for everyone who came & those behind the scenes for making the weekend so great.

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As a community of many different people and ages, we’re asking God to raise up the next generation of lifelong believers at Salt. Sometimes it’s hard or new, and we need to help each other. For all kids and youth leaders, parents and other interested Salties, this is a training event for discipling the next Generation at Home and at Salt Church. Save the date & come along! Monday 13th June 7:30-9:00 pm at 275 Keira St It’s a chance for us to think about joyful discipleship at Salt and at home, and to spur each other on. There will be dessert, bible encouragement and interactive group teaching based around different age groups. If this applies to you, we’re asking ...

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New Sermon Series: How To Love God – Deuteronomy image

Sunday 8th May 2022, Salt Church will start a new series in Deuteronomy! MAIN PURPOSE OF THE BOOK Israel is on the plains of Moab about to enter the Promised Land. Their leader Moses is about to die. And so comes Deuteronomy – 3 sermons from Moses to tell God’s people how to love God. Deuteronomy is to the Old Testament what Romans is to the New Testament; it’s the most thorough explanation of the character and purposes of God, how to become one of God’s people and how to live and to love God as one of his people. The main purpose of the book is to call every generation of Israelites to faithful covenant love for God, in ...

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Celebrating: Easter @ Salt image

  So good to celebrate Jesus at our Easter gatherings on the weekend! Jesus’ death and resurrection really does offer us the hope we need in an uncertain world. Praise God we got to hear from our good God in Matthew’s Gospel, sing, pray and welcome a stack of new people to hear the good news our city desperately needs to hear.

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New Sermon Series: Trustworthy Sayings image

Sunday 24th April 2022, Salt Church will drop into a new series on Trustworthy Sayings! “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch” “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade” “Future me can worry about that” Humans have a lot of sayings and say a lot of things. Some of these sayings are profound and helpful. Not all of them are true or trustworthy. But God’s words are always true and trustworthy. Without God’s words we’re in very real danger of being “tossed back and forth by the waves, and blown here and there by every wind of teaching and by the cunning and craftiness of people in their deceitful scheming” (Ephesians 4:14). With God’s words we have a firm stable ...

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October 5-9th At Salt Church we’re on about seeing a flood of lifelong disciples across the Illawarra, which is why we have run Summer Nights in the past! Because we love our city, it makes sense to be on mission right here to our friends, family, neighbours, co-workers and people we’ve never met. Our aim is to connect with people and give them an opportunity to engage with the gospel. While doing that we will be well equipped with good training, we’ll raise the profile of Salt Church in our city and be the forerunners in encouraging the whole of Salt to be on mission. Put the dates aside now so you can be part of our first ever SaltFest ...

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