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Colossians sermon series

What is real in a confused world? In a world of confused religions and fake spirituality that promise ‘fullness’, Jesus is a breath of fresh air because he shows us what real spirituality looks like. Jesus shows up these ‘human commands and teachings’ which ‘have an appearance of wisdom’ but which ‘lack any value in restraining sensual indulgence’ (2:23). But so much more than that, Jesus rescues us from fake spirituality, from our sin and from Satan’s power, so we can actually find fullness and completeness and new life in him. Come along on Sunday as we see the goodness and glory of our God in Jesus Christ. Listen to the recordings of the sermon here.

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Salt Away

Salt goes away as a church once a year. This is it… We’ll spend some time in God’s word, seeking to know and love God more, as well as getting to know each other more. It’s a great time together for all of Church to pause in the chaos of life and encourage each other to keep living as disciples of Jesus. Date: May 18-20. Friday from 5pm- Sunday 11.30am Venue: Shoalhaven Heads! See your specific gathering for accommodation locations Registration + Info 4pm members Register now | Facebook event with more info 6pm members Register now | Facebook event with more info Register today! Have questions? Email

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Easter at Salt Church

Easter is a great time to join us at Salt Church. We gather together on Good Friday and Easter Sunday to reflect on the world altering events of Jesus’ death and resurrection, and to celebrate the hope and life that God has given through Jesus. If you haven’t been to church before, or it’s been a long time since you looked into Jesus, we’re especially excited to meet and get to know you – and for you to get to know us! We’d love to share with you about our Great God and the wonderful things he’s done for us. Come along at any of the following times: Good Friday 10am (with Crèche and Kids Program) Sunday 4pm (with Crèche and ...

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MAKE – Summer Nights 2018 image

Summer Nights 2018

18 January – MAKE MAKE is a free event for anyone who is keen to get creative and enjoy quality local artwork. We’ll be running creative workshops, as well as showcasing live and interactive art. There’ll also be great food with wood fire pizza and live music from great local talent. *Note: Admission is free. Creative workshops (macramé, watercolour, lettering, floral arrangement, clay sculpture and lino type) will vary in cost.

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